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Hawaii Operations

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CCFFH Certification and Licensure

The Hawaii Certification and Licensure division of Community Ties of America, Inc., serves as the primary regulatory reviewer of Community Care Foster Family Homes and their respective Case Management Agencies, and Adult Day Care Centers for the State of Hawaii Department of Health Office of Health Care Assurance.  In addition, Community Ties of America, Inc. is the reviews regulatory compliance for all Nurse Aide Training and Complentecy Evaluation Program for the Department of Human Services, Social Service Division.

Community Ties of America, Inc.'s mission is prevention of premature institutionalization while ensuring providers meet all minimum State of Hawaii requirements to provide services.

Community Care Foster Family Homes                                                                                  

Foster family homes serve the aged and disabled by providing housing, supervision, direct care, and management of the resident's non-medical and medical service needs for individuals enrolled in the program through Medicaid and their health plan.

Certification as a foster family home requires, at minimum, that the primary caregiver be a Nurse Aide, Licensed Practical Nurse, or a Registered Nurse, and be at least 21 years of age with experience in serving the aged and disabled.

To be certified as a foster family home the caregivers and home must fulfill approximately 140 criteria in the areas of: a) Personnel and Staffing, b) Background Checks, c) Physical Environment, d) Fire Safety, e) Medication and Nutrition, f) Quality Assurance, g) Client Rights, h) Client Account, i) Insurance Requirements, j) Fiscal Requirements, k) Reporting Requirements, and l) Records.

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Community Care Case Management Agencies                                                                       

Case management agencies serve the aged and disabled living in various settings.  To be licensed as a case management agency to serve CCFFH individuals each organization must meet approximately 150 criteria in the areas of: a) Service Coordination, b) Service Monitoring, c) Service Planning, d) Reassessment, e) Reduction and Termination of Services, f) Grievance and Appeal, g) Records, h) Fiscal Requirements, i) Insurance Requirements, j) Quality Assurance, k) Reporting Changes, l) Administrative Requirements, m) Background Checks, and n) Personnel.

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Adult Day Care Centers

Adult Day Care Centers                                                                                                           

CTA certifies and re-certifies the Adult Day Care Centers in Hawaii for which there are over 30 currently.  We implement the licensing requirements of the Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) 346-83 and Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 17-1424 and any revised rules.  Each adult day care center, statewide, is reviewed on an annual basis following the requirements set forth in the rules.

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Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation

Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs                                                      

In July 2009, the Med-Quest Division of the Department of Human Services transferred responsibility for certifying the training programs to the Social Services Division under the existing rules and procedures for the Med-Quest Division.

CTA reviews all NATCEP's (Nurse Aide Training Competency Evaluation Program) statewide to ensure programs are meeting the minimum requirements in the State of Hawaii rules and regulations.

The three primary elements in these regulations require: 1) curriculum approval, 2) instructor qualification approval, and 3) observation of the instructor in the classroom environment, simulated environment, and actual long-term care facility environment.


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