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Community Ties of America, Inc.

Ensuring quality assurance...

Quality Assurance and Program Development


Since 1998, Community Ties of America, Inc. (CTA) has served the public and private sectors both directly and also indirectly through consulting and review services.


Community Ties of America, Inc. has provided care or consulting services through out the country for over 20 years.  Currently, we license or certify over 1,200 Community Care Foster Family Homes, over 20 Community Based Case Management Agencies, over 35 Adult Day Care Centers, and over 35 Nurse Aide Training Programs.  


Community Ties of America services to support the Health Care system.  They include:

  • Quality Assurance / Improvement

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Program Development

  • Program Outcomes

Hawaii Operations

CTA licenses and certifies various long term care facilities in Hawaii:

  • Community Care Foster Family Homes

  • Nurse Aide Certification Programs

  • Adult Day Care Centers

  • For information click here: See more >>

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